Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Secret

A poet like me is a wannabe
Living in dual worlds
One that lives in convex lenses of life
And one that sees life in concave lenses through words


To quote happiness
You may not be happy always
To quote love
You may not be in love always
So, I carry a portion full of smiles with me
And share them with love
atleast there is no dearth of laughter around :)

What If

This WHAT If is scary
Autism is not
You just have to be BRAVE

Sore Heart

Heart is sore
flexed up with pain
Eyes are drowned
tears pour like rain  
If words could stop turning into an arrow
Life would surely change


Her soft voice sounded cryptic with the burgundy bangs of hair.The flouroscent orange scarf draped around her neck was simply petal designed but looked like a flamingo embracing her. The charred metal bracelet on her wrist gave a punk feel which did look odd with the brown leather boots and her torn faded bluish grey jeans. An folded sleeve revealed a swimmer in an ocean tattoo highlighted in bright red. A sling bag with shreds of cotton balls was the only one with a de-glamed look.

In a Spot

Her sunshades flickered on the window panes of a parked SUV, a Corolla Altis to be precise.Her brown eyes waited with bated breath through the grey lenses while she adjusted her bag, fidgeted with her skirt. She braced ahead to find him suddenly leaning against the bonnet. A casual tee , fitting jeans and a leather jacket completed his helluva look. She stopped at her tracks to find him still, and slowly bending to tie the carefree lace that danced on his shoe. His gaze met hers as he pulled himself up against the breeze.Then he lunged forward in quick strides while to a confusing horror,she froze like a piece of ice.

Broken Smile

He finally wore that broken smile,a smile not many appreciated, but there's something incomplete which filled my soul with its half curved lines.That smile was just needed when I knew I couldn't expect a word from a solicited guy.But, the smile was worthwhile, that tangent blew my hopes higher, firing some sparks,giving me the reason to stand besides him, if only momentarily would be fine coz that felt so complete,
He didn't move, but let me hold his arms and I did feel his muscle reflex with that gesture.I waited to take in few breaths myself and then looked into his black broody eyes.He still didn't react much.After a while, he grinned and said,
"Don't let me grow on you,I am too difficult to handle". I wouldn't mind was my instant thought but I stood tight lipped and clutched his arm more firmly. He shrugged and faced me"Don't you get it" sounding curt while I stood frozen.Then he vaguely let out a chuckle"But you sure have an impact on me " and gave a half mooned smile again.


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