Sunday, January 29, 2017

Can I

Can I hold you for a minute
As you entwine your fingers into mine
Grab your shirt closer
As you arm around my waist
Sniff your shaved chin
As you caress my face
Can I pout near your lips
As you breathe sensously on my nape
Can I stand still
While you drool me with your moves
Can I ask  you My Love
To steal this moment and capture it for times to continue

Truly deeply

I sit at this threshold of
Not  knowing whether 
We would be us again

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


My eyes are testimony
Of all that is between us
Your beholder

Happy 2017 everyone

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A beautiful beginning

Your smile
crisscrossed my efforts
Of starting a  conversation


A flash of words
A taint in heart
Awareness about the world
A fateful mask
Hard to convince
Buried tears
No choice left
Just dragging along the path

The times

It has not been easy
May be never will
The caricatures draw themselves
In drops of pain still
Plastered in all white
They are being drilled
Coded in grey almost getting killed
May be it is time
And no time left to spill
I helplessly watch them
Falling into nil


Wish this ink could splatter
On his crisp coat
That is the cause for such malice around
All in the name of being brave
~ revolution sight


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